Wed 15 February 2017

Elixir Tip - Generate a list filled by the same value

I've been learning Elixir and functional programing (for real) recently, and stumbled upon this simple problem of generating a list of n elements with the same value. At first, I implemented an overcomplicated solution using ranges and map, but then realized it was super easy.

So, this is my first (begineer) post on elixir and it's just a tip cough (reminder for me) on how to generate a list filled by the same character, number, string, etc., n times.

Let's for example generate a list filled by 8 'x' characters (unicode 120), that's 'xxxxxxxx':

iex> List.duplicate 120, 8

That's it. List.duplicate is the answer (there is also a duplicate function for String and Tuple).